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GLOW partners with a number of youth service organizations to provide a wide variety of career and employment experiences to area youth.

Youth may participate in job shadows. paid work experiences, or job scholarships as they explore the different career and job opportunities available.

Youth who are ages 14-21 may be eligible if they:

  • Meet federal income guidelines AND/OR
  • Receive Title 1/Chapter 1 compensatory education services
  • Are in foster care
  • Are pregnant or parenting
  • Have a physical or educational disability
  • Are in receipt of public assistance and/or food stamps

What is expected from a youth employee or youth in a program?

  • Maintain consistent attendance and arrive on time.
  • Notify the work site/program provider if unable to report to work due to illness or an emergency situation.
  • Perform all job/program duties to the best of your ability.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations as established by the work site operator.
  • Follow all safety requirements at the work/program site.

Career Assessment Programs for Youth

  • Earn a stipend or wage.
  • Learn about many different occupations.
  • Receive pre-employment skills training
  • Go on field trips
  • Listen to guest speakers
  • Work on group projects

Out of School Youth

  • Obtain your GED.
  • Enter a work experience program.
  • Gain updated job skills.
  • Classroom training opportunities.
  • Supportive services.
  • Tutoring and case management.
  • Get credential and be a success!

What is a Job Shadow?

Job Shadows are short-term placements, usually one day or less, where a student observes an individual while at work, and learns about specific duties connected with that person's job. As part of this experience, youth should also be given general understanding of the entire business or organization and how the job they are observing , fits within that business. Job shadows are usually schedualed during the school year.

What is Work Experience?

Work Experience placements are long term, paid placements that may last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Youth are placed at the employer's work site. The purpose of the work experience is to give a youth exposure to employment and work experience in a trade or career. It is the expectation that upon successful completion, the youth will transition to the employer's payroll and continue employment.


Equal Opportunity Employer/Programs
Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities

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